Curriculum Vitae

Steven Sherrill is a music preparation specialist, having served as an Orchestra Librarian for the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra for twenty-four years under Music Directors: Robert Shaw, Yoel Levi, and Robert Spano. Since retiring from the ASO in 2011, he has worked independently for the Atlanta Opera, the Alabama Symphony, the Baltimore Symphony, the Aspen Music Festival & School, and many individual artists and composers. He is also the principal arranger and composer for Il Brasso Magnifico, an ensemble of professionals that has performed in the United States and Europe. He has over forty years of experience in this field of work in all types of music.

He studied piano at an early age, later attending the North Carolina School of the Arts where he studied trombone with John Marcellus and Robert Craft. After receiving his BFA, he moved to Atlanta, Georgia, writing and preparing music for local music publishers and recording studios. He began working as a copyist, orchestrator, and arranger, doing studio work and providing transcription services. He has worked with many performing artists and others in virtually all genres of popular and classical music.

He became a computer programmer and later, attended graduate school at Georgia State University to persue a Master's Degree in Music Theory. He was an active member of the Major Orchestra Librarians' Association (MOLA) and served as their webmaster for over a decade. He played trombone with the Georgia Brass Band, writing and preparing music for them, the Atlanta Chamber Players and many other groups.

Currently, in retirement, he is accepting short term Orchestra Librarian assignments in addition to orchestration, transposition, and arranging work. Explore his Brass Catalogue or website Special Parts and feel free inquire about your music project.